Rajvaidya Khayaliram Pharmacy

Ayurvedic Syrup

We are engaged in offering effective syrups to women and to people suffering with digestive, liver, respiratory, and other tormenting problems. We are counted amongst the chief Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ayurvedic Syrup in Madhya Pradesh. We make available different types of Ayurvedic Syrups: She Gynic Syrup, Kabz Ratna Syrup, Xpiles Syrup, Liv Ratna Syrup, Ratnacid Syrup, and Swas Ratna Syrup. Each type is composed of high-grade ayurvedic ingredients; furthermore, each type undergoes the best ayurvedic formulations.

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  • She Gynic Syrup

    She Gynic Syrup

    She Gynic Syrup is our best endeavor to provide an effective solution to a variety of women-related problems. We are enlisted with the preeminent Manufacturers and Suppliers of She Gynic Syrup in Madhya Pradesh. She Gynic Syrup

  • Kabz Ratna Syrup

    Kabz Ratna Syrup

    Constipation, although being a common problem, is considered as the perpetrator of many harmful diseases. Our Kabz Ratna Syrup provides constipation-stricken people with the effective treatment. We are reckoned amongst the

  • Xpiles Syrup

    Xpiles Syrup

    We make available Xpiles Syrup with zero side effects throughout the country. We are one of the notable Manufacturers and Suppliers of Xpiles Syrup in Madhya Pradesh. Our Xpiles Syrup provides an effective solution to piles. We

  • Liv Ratna Syrup

    Liv Ratna Syrup

    Our Liv Ratna Syrup treats a number of liver-related problems such as jaundice, liver inflation, and appetite’s loss. We have carved a niche in the market as the reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Liv Ratna Syrup in

  • Ratnacid Syrup

    Ratnacid Syrup

    We are emerging as the promising Manufacturer and Supplier of Ratnacid Syrup in Madhya Pradesh. Our Ratnacid Syrup gives instant relief from acidity and hyperacidity. The Syrup is a 200ml ayurvedically formulated tonic to provide

  • Swas Ratna Syrup

    Swas Ratna Syrup

    From asthma to respiratory system diseases, our Swas Ratna Syrup efficiently deals with all breathing disorders. We are amongst the most sought-after Manufacturers and Suppliers of Swas Ratna Syrup in Madhya Pradesh. We offer the